13 June 2021

K Movie Review: Confidential Assignment (2017) 4 || 4.5

Oppa wanted to watch Confidential Assignment because of Lim Yoon A (Exit). And I agreed because it had Hyun Bin, whom I have not watched in a looooongggg time. I previously vowed to watch all of his films and dramas but so I far I've only seen Ireland, My Lovely Sam Soon, The Snow Queen, Worlds Within, Spin Kick, A Millionaire's First Love, and of course, Crash Landing on You

Although watching this movie was Oppa's idea, I feel like I was the one who won the jackpot. Yoon A had very limited screen time here, while I saw a looottt of Hyun Bin. :)


Confidential Assignment is about the special mission of a North Korean special investigation team officer (Hyun Bin as Im Chul Ryung). Chul Ryung has to go to Seoul to capture Cha Ki Sung (Kim Ju Hyeok from Reply 1988), who fled North Korea after it was discovered that he was counterfeiting US dollars. For this mission, Chul Ryung is given Kang Jin Tae (Yu Hae Jin of 1987: When the Day Comes and A Taxi Driver) as his South Korean partner. The movie takes us through how Jin Tae and Chul Ryung work together to finally capture Ki Sung. 

Hyun Bin as Im Chul Ryung

It was only after watching this film that I realized how much I've missed Hyun Bin. He was totally badass here. He definitely belongs in these kinds of movies. Not in those awkward, mushy, cheesy dramas where he has to force himself to cry. He's meant for running, shooting, kicking, fighting. Hence, he was perfect here. 

I also find Hyun Bin more adorable when he plays this silent type, subdued roles, as opposed to his cutesy characters. He does that well here as the shy and quiet North Korean visiting a strange place. 

I look forward to watching his other action films because he really impressed me here. I'm just concerned that it would be difficult to find good drama materials for him because melodrama/rom-coms still seem to make up majority of K dramas. I'd love to see him do something like Vagabond (but with a better story, please) or Vincenzo (although he might not be able to match Song Joong Ki's comedy). 

Yu Hae Jin as Kang Jin Tae

Yu Hae Jin is becoming one of my favorite character actors. He seems so versatile that he can handle any kind of role. 

You'd think that it would be difficult for him to get on a serious character but he actually can. Although Jin Tae was projected as a push over at the start of the film, he was able to show that he's a competent cop. And a good person too. I liked how he ignored his superiors' orders because he's come to trust the guy who was supposedly his enemy. 

I loved the bond Jin Tae formed with Chul Ryung, especially after he learned what it was that the North Korean wanted to avenge. He risked his life and career for him. And I loved how Chul Ryung paid him back by helping him rescue his family. I super loved this bromance. 

Other Characters

As I mentioned earlier, Oppa felt shortchanged because Lim Yoon A had very limited screen time here as Jin Tae's sister-in-law. She was mostly seen fawning over Chul Ryung. I heard she's still part of Confidential Assignment 2. And for Chul Ryung's (and Oppa's!) sake, I hope we'll see more of her there. 

It was nice to see some familiar faces here. Our Hospital Playlist favorite Shin Hyun Bin was Chul Ryung's wife. Park Hyoung Soo (Crash Landing on You, Hospital Playlist, and Prison Playbook) was an NIS officer. Hyun Bin's dad in CLOY, Jeon Kuk Hwan (Hot Stove League, My Mister, and Angry Mom), was a high-ranking North Korean officer. 


I liked the film because it was simple yet engaging. Chul Ryung and Jin Tae, being literally from opposite sides of the fence, were understandably wary of each other. It didn't help that Jin Tae, who was presented as someone who was not so bright, was told to obstruct Chul Ryung's mission. But I liked how they learned to trust and help each other the more experiences they went through together. 

No fancy and difficult to comprehend storylines. The film just spoke through its impressive action scenes peppered with some funny lines here and there. 

After watching this, I think I should revive my mission of watching all of Hyun Bin's dramas and films and pursue that dream of getting a master's degree in K dramas/movies major in Hyun Bin. :) 

Oppa says...4.

Noona says...4.5.