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28 September 2019

K Drama Review: Suits (2018) 4

And since I'm totally into Park Hyung Sik these days, it's only natural that I watch more of his shows. The most recent ones are Hwarang (some historical thing) and the Korean version of Suits. I'm still not sure if I will watch Hwarang but I might give it a try when I become really desperate. But since I still have options, I picked to watch Suits next.

I watched some episodes of the American version. I found it interesting but not enough to watch the succeeding seasons. It's a legal drama and people would assume that I would love it. But I'm not just into TV shows. Until Hyung Sik, that is. Haha.

Let's first talk about how Hyung Sik looked on Suits. I honestly found it disappointing at first. He was more oppa-ble in Strong Girl Bong-soon. I loved his long hair and bangs there. I was not quite pleased with the clean cut version in Suits. He also appeared to have gained weight. But we should not judge a book by its cover, right?

Most of the storylines in the Korean version were copied from the US one. A guy who has no license to practice law and is trying to escape arrest for planted drugs gets hired as a lawyer by a law firm partner. Our fake lawyer is a genius with photographic memory.

Hyung Sik played the role of Yeon-woo, our Korean Mike Ross. Jang Dong-gun played the role of Choi Kang-seok, our Korean Harvey. Turns out Jang Dong-gun  starred in All About Eve, a K drama aired and dubbed here several years ago. He looked dapper in his suits although it bothered me a bit that he looked like George Estregan, Jr.

I would have to say that these two main characters were perfect for their roles. I enjoyed watching their love-hate relationship/bromance. They refused to admit it but they truly cared for each other and went out of their way to help and protect each other. I loved how their relationship progressed throughout the show. From frenemies, their relationship evolved to one where Kang-seok held a funeral for Yeon-woo's grandmother and how Kang-seok defended Yeon-woo in his trial and how he was there for him when he went out of jail. I would love to have a second season if only to see how these two will continue working with each other.

I also loved Yeon-woo's relationship with his grandmother. It's amazing what people can do to provide better lives for the people they love. I felt so bad for him when his grandmother passed away because now, he had no family.

I loved how girl power was all over the show. The law firm's managing partner (Jin Hee Kyung) was a strong-willed lady who was not easily rattled or threatened. Kang-seok's secretary (Chae Jung An) was no push over either. Other lawyers in the firm knew better than to order her around. Her love and loyalty to her boss was also very admirable. Ji-na, our Korean Rachel (Ko Sung Hee), was okay although she did not make much of an impact on me. I was just glad that she was there for Yeon-woo most of the time.

What struck me most about this show is how it depicted the real struggle for lawyers to balance doing what is morally right on one hand and what is best for your clients on the other hand. It was a dilemma that troubled Yeon-woo from the start. And although Kang-seok berated him for his kindness towards the opposing parties, it was evident that it was also a problem that bothered Kang-seok. In real life, these are issues that cannot be easily balanced or solved. Perhaps it's one reason why I did not want to go to litigation. My parents raised me to always pick the morally right thing to do and I can just imagine the heartbreak I would feel everytime I have to pick what's best for my client instead.

I loved how Yeon-woo owned up to his mistakes. I wish he studied law while he was in jail so that he can finally be a real lawyer after serving his time.  

The supporting actors were also perfect. Their Louis (Choi Gwi Hwa) was really annoying. And their returning partner Mr. Ham (Kim Young Ho) really looked bad ass. I would have preferred to have the whistle blower punished as well but I guess you can only do so much with 16 episodes.  

Again, the music was wonderful. You would think that music would not be of much use to a legal drama. But they still made it work. Koreans are just so good at making music. I probably don't understand 80% of the lyrics but the melodies they make are truly beautiful.

After watching this series, I've proven that I'm not just after Hyung Sik's good looks. This show has proven that he is a versatile actor who can also rely on his talent apart from his boyish charm. I look forward to watching his movie, Juror 8, and his 50-episode drama, What Happens to My Family. I just can't get enough of him! :)

P.S. I watched this through the Viu app. :) 

P.P.S. I think I'll use blogging as a way of moving on after watching a series. :D

Noona's a 4.